IP16 Indicator Post
IP-16 Indicator Post

Product Description

AMERICAN offers an “OPEN-SHUT” indicator post that is UL Listed and FM Approved for use with 3”-24” gate valves.
Indicator posts are used to actuate and indicate open/shut status of buried gate valves. They are recommended for use in fire protection systems or installations where it is critical that valve status be known.


  • Easy adjustable and corrosion preventative stainless steel and bronze construction target carrier system
  • Stainless steel operating nut and bronze target plate carrier
  • Aluminum target plate with embossed valve size for easy adjustment of target sign to match valve size
  • Telescopic design of metal construction
  • Iron head, iron support pipe, steel extension pipe
  • Upper and lower telescopic steel rods
  • UL Listed and FM Approved
  • No plastic components in target system or barrel assembly
  • Guide stop/tube collar for target accessibility and keeps internal components clean
  • Polyurethane coated for durability, gloss and color retention


  • OPEN-SHUT Indication System
    Removal of the post head exposes the target carry system for the “OPEN” and “SHUT” signs. The sliding SHUT target sign is easily adjusted to a corresponding valve size as stamped or embossed on the aluminum target plate.
  • Preventative Dissimilar Metal Corrosion
    The threaded components making up the indicating system consist of a stainless steel operating nut and a bronze target plate carrier to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion. The target plate which carries the OPEN-SHUT signs without any loading shall be aluminum. No plastic components are used.
  • Telescopic Barrel and Rod Design of All Metal Construction
    The indicator post has a telescopic design that allows extension capabilities of 22” increased height for the barrel and rod from the minimum collapsed position. Support or extension piping for the indicator post assembly consists of an outside iron support pipe and an internal steel adjustment pipe. The upper rod is a solid 1” square steel rod with telescoping lower rod using square steel tubing. No plastic components are used.
  • Guide Stop / Tube Collar
    Rod is center drilled and pinned with a cotter pin that rests on a guide stop/tube collar which allows easy access to the operating nut and targets without the rod assembly or target assembly dropping into the lower section of the post assembly. The guide stop also serves to catch debris from entering the barrel section.

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