The Captivater Locking Nozzle Cap
The Captivater - Locking Nozzle Cap

Product Description

The Captivater helps prevent unauthorized hydrant use, reduces water theft, reduces hydrant vandalism, and lowers operation costs. Its universal design fits EVERY hydrant from EVERY manufacturer, regardless of year or model.


  • Fits any make, model or year of hydrant in minutes without modification
  • Provides a safe and easy method to secure fire hydrants
  • Easily installed in minutes without special tools
  • Sealed to help protect from the elements
  • Withstands weather and long-term use as well as or better than original caps
  • Removed only with a Captivater wrench – each wrench has a serial number, allowing hydrant access to be controlled
  • Looks similar to a standard hydrant when installed

What does this mean?

Your hydrants are secured from unauthorized use, so children and vandals (or people with more sinister plans) cannot gain access to your water system.


  • Helps solve security and safety issues
  • Helps eliminate water theft from hydrants
  • Helps ensure the availability of water-dependent services
  • Helps reduce operation costs; revenue loss from open hydrants will be a thing of the past
  • Helps conserve your water supply – and by saving water, you save money!

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