Wasser FerroClad Primer
Wasser FerroClad Primer

Product Description

A single-component, moisture-cured urethane primer specifically developed and tested for ductile iron pipe and fittings. MC-FerroClad primer is a proprietary formulation utilizing micaceous iron oxide (MIO) pigments and other ingredients.

Advantages include ease of use, rapid cure, extended recoat window, durability, and outstanding corrosion resistance for immersed and non-immersed applications. This proven formulation is compatible with acrylic, coal tar, catalyzed epoxies, polyurethane, moisture-cured urethane topcoats and asphalt-based topcoats.

Possible uses include exterior pipe, immersion service, air piping, marine/coastal exposures, below-freezing temperatures, moderate to severe atmospheric exposure, bridge crossings, gallery piping and yard piping.

For more information, consult AMERICAN or visit the Wasser® website.

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