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The American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO) is located in Birmingham, Ala., USA, on an over 800 hectares site, with over 242,000 square meters of plant under roof. It is the largest individual iron pipe casting plant in the world, with approximately 2,300 employees daily production of more than 1,800 metric tons of all diversified products.

ACIPCO products are in service in water and sewer systems throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and North and South America.

ACIPCO International Sales is responsible for the export marketing of ductile iron pipe, steel pipe, valves and hydrants. ACIPCO has been an exporter of piping products since 1915. ACIPCO ductile iron pipe meets or exceeds all provisions of recognized international ductile pipe specifications, including ISO 2531.

Products for export include:

  • 100mm–1600mm ductile iron pipe and fittings
  • Resilient wedge gate valves, check valves, tapping valves, tapping sleeves, fire hydrants, FM Approved products, UL Listed products, floor stands, indicator posts, tank-pressure relief valves (all valve products are to AWWA specification)
  • Electric-resistance-welded steel pipe for varied applications
  • API Line Pipe: sizes 10 3/4"–24" OD, 0.250" wall–0.750" wall, Grade B through X-70, lengths to 100'
  • Pipe piling: sizes 10 3/4"–24" OD, with plates or points attached, lengths up to 120'
  • Abrasive-resistant pipe: sizes 10 3/4"–24" OD, minimum Brinell hardness of 200, with wear bands or flanges attached, 50'–100' uniform lengths
  • Special pipe manufactured to CO2 specifications, offshore specifications, sour gas specifications, bomb casing, and wheel rims
  • Spiral-welded steel pipe and pipe piling through 144" per AWWA C200 and ASTM A252
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