Sewer Force Mains

Sewer force mains are necessary when gravity flow is not sufficient to move water runoff and sewage through a gravity line. Force mains move wastewater under pressure by using pumps or compressors located in lift stations. They convey wastewater from a lower to higher elevation or where construction of a gravity line would result in excessive excavation depths and prohibitive sewer line costs. A sewer force main will always include pipe, valves, a device to control flow and a force main cleaning system.

AMERICAN ductile iron pipe is an established favorite for sewer force mains because of its durability, strength and tight joints. Its durability and strength are major benefits during difficult installations, and the strength supplied by the standard wall thickness provides better protection against sudden changes in the flow velocity. Such changes, known as surge pressures, often occur during power outages and can rupture some piping materials. What’s more, the strength and flexibility of ductile iron pipe make it ideal for cyclic loads associated with pumps repeatedly turning on and off.

AMERICAN valves are also widely accepted for these applications – our check valves and resilient seated full port opening gate valves are popular in pump station installations.

Although it’s rare for pump stations to require such large diameters, AMERICAN can also supply spiral-welded steel pipe up to 12-foot diameter including a variety of fabrications.

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