ACE 15: AMERICAN Innovation

Exhibit 1001

In continuing our long history of bringing innovative product design and manufacturing to the waterworks industry, AMERICAN is proud to share these latest developments:

• Coming Monday – A new system built to withstand even the toughest conditions. Check back here for our announcement Monday morning.

• 3500 Series Gate Valve

Amarillo Fast-Grip Gasket – New to the market this year, a bright idea that ensures contractors that they’ve selected the right gasket for the right pipe.

AMERICAN Captivater – Secure your hydrants from unauthorized use with this universal locking nozzle cap and sleep well knowing your water system is protected.

Other show highlights from AMERICAN:

• Monday, 10 a.m., Exhibit 2329 – AMERICAN’s Maury Gaston talks with WaterOnline Radio about new ductile iron pipe products and Network H2O, an innovative idea for solving the water crisis in America. (Printed copies of the white paper are available at the exhibit.) Join the conversation at

• Tuesday, 9 a.m., Energy Savings Through Pipe Selection, Anaheim Conference Center 213 C – AMERICAN’s Maury Gaston presents findings from a study published last year in Journal AWWA on the significant energy and cost savings of ductile iron pipe over other pipe materials.

• Tuesday, 3 p.m., Exhibit 2329 – AMERICAN’s Derek Scott talks with WaterOnline Radio about trends in the water works industry and the latest developments in AMERICAN valve and hydrant products, including the new 3500 Series Gate Valve.

• Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. – 11 a.m., Energy Savings Based on Pipe Materials (Post Presentation) – AMERICAN’s Rosemary Smud (AWWA Past Vice President), share information.

AMERICAN is a proud member of the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association. Visit DIPRA at Exhibit 726.

• For a full schedule events at the show, click here.

For more news from AMERICAN, visit the AMERICAN News Center.

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