Mechanical Joint

The first of AMERICAN’s many product innovations came in 1919 with the company’s creation of the Simplex joint. The new joint allowed greater deflection than previous designs and started a trend toward rubber-packed joints for water service as pressures became greater in water delivery systems.

This was followed by a major improvement in 1929 with the introduction of the Doublex Simplex joint, which was modified and donated to the waterworks industry in the early 1940s. It became the industry mechanical joint standard in 1946.

Other major innovations from AMERICAN through the years include the introduction of cement-lined iron pipe in 1923, which was first used in Charleston, S.C. AMERICAN also played a major role in the development ductile iron pipe and was the first manufacturer in the United States to produce it in larger diameters.

More recently, AMERICAN has established itself as a proponent of trenchless pipe installations in certain situations. AMERICAN Flex-Ring pipe allows for longer horizontal directional drilling projects with larger-diameter pipe than was possible a generation ago.

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