Large-Diameter Ductile Iron Pipe

Not only did AMERICAN play the key role in developing ductile iron pipe, but it also pioneered the manufacture of ductile iron pipe in larger diameters – now up to 64 inches.

The nominal inside diameter of AMERICAN ductile iron pipe is larger than the same size diameter in other piping materials. The larger diameter means that more water can be transported through ductile iron pipelines. That means that less energy is needed to pump water through ductile iron mains, so over the life of the pipeline pumping costs are significantly reduced.

Ductile iron pipe also is environmentally friendly because it’s made from recycled materials. Plastic pipe, on the other hand, depletes natural resources because it’s made from petroleum sources.

AMERICAN became a leading manufacturer of cast iron water mains shortly after it was founded in 1905. Although many utilities were pleased with cast iron mains and had used them for decades, AMERICAN played a major role in the development and introduction of ductile iron pipe around 1950. Ductile iron is stronger, more impact-resistant, more flexible and more durable than cast iron.

AMERICAN took its first large orders for ductile iron pipe in 1955. By 1978, ductile iron had superseded cast iron in the waterworks industry.

AMERICAN’s earlier product innovations include development of a cement lining for cast iron pipe and a type of mechanical joint that became the standard in the industry.

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