Product Innovations

  • Trenchless Installations

    AMERICAN has been a leading manufacturer of pipe for trenchless installations in which pipelines are laid under buildings, highways, bodies of water, railroads and other obstructions.

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  • Defense and Aerospace

    Production during World War II at AMERICAN was devoted solely to the war effort and included various specially made components. Years later, AMERICAN produced the hold-down column pedestals that supported the space shuttle and its solid rocket boosters – a weight of more than 4 million pounds.

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  • Ductile Iron Pipe

    AMERICAN played a major role – if not the major role – in the development and introduction of ductile iron pipe to commercial markets. Largely because it was a stronger, more flexible material, ductile iron pipe superseded cast iron pipe.

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  • Large-Diameter Ductile Iron Pipe

    Not only was AMERICAN a leader in the development of ductile iron pipe, but the company also led the way in manufacturing large-diameter ductile iron pipe, being the first domestic producer to introduce the next diameter of ductile iron. Today, AMERICAN manufactures ductile in diameters up to 64 inches and gate valves up to 66 inches.

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  • Mechanical Joint

    AMERICAN pioneered improvements in early pipe joints that eventually led to the mechanical joint that became the industry standard. Today, AMERICAN supplies both restrained and unrestrained-joint pipe for different installation requirements.

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  • Cement-Mortar Lining

    One of AMERICAN’s earliest innovations came in 1923 with the introduction of cement-mortar-lined cast iron pipe to the waterworks industry. Cement lining, coupled with larger-diameter pipe, facilitates the flow of larger volumes of water, thus helping to reduce pumping costs.

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