Circulating Water Lines

In a typical power plant, water plays a basic role in the production process. It is the medium for converting heat energy from coal and other fuels to rotate a turbine and thus produce electricity.

Large volumes of water are brought into the plant and converted to steam, which in turn powers a turbine. When the steam leaves the turbine, it is piped to a condenser where it’s converted back to water and used again. Pipes that convey this water and steam throughout the power plant are referred to as circulating lines.

AMERICAN spiral-welded steel pipe in diameters up to 144 inches is a popular choice for circulating water lines as well as penstocks that carry water to the power plant. Another choice is AMERICAN ductile iron pipe for make-up lines, blow-down lines, water and sewer lines, plant fire protection and penstocks. AMERICAN electric-resistance welded steel pipe in diameters up to 24 inches is used to transport natural gas to those plants that burn it to generate electricity.

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