Offshore Gathering Systems

Natural gas and crude oil are commonly found in the same areas, and many of those areas are offshore. From offshore sources – the Gulf of Mexico, for example – oil and natural gas are collected and transported through an extensive network of pipelines. The process begins with gathering lines, which collect oil and natural gas at the source.

Gathering lines convey natural gas to transmission lines, which in turn carry it to treatment plants that remove impurities from the gas. From there, natural gas is delivered to residences and businesses through a network of piping almost 2 million miles in length. On the petroleum side, the United States has 30,000 to 40,000 miles of gathering pipelines that collect crude oil from onshore and offshore wells. The oil is transported from the gathering lines to a trunk-line system that includes approximately 55,000 miles of piping connected with processing facilities in regional markets.

AMERICAN electric-resistance steel pipe, available in sizes ranging from 10 3/4 inches to 24 inches in diameter, has long been a part of the oil and natural gas landscape. AMERICAN was the first manufacturer to offer steel pipe in 100-foot lengths, the first to use dual-probe ultrasonic testing procedures and the first domestic ERW mill to supply HIC (hydrogen-induced cracking) resistant steel.

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