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Although the United States is among the world’s most advanced nations, on a per-capita basis it is one of most fire-prone nations in the industrial world. Fire departments in the U.S. respond to 1.6 million fire calls a year, with roughly 140,000 of those at non-residential structures.

The majority of fires in non-residential structures are the result of cooking, but thousands are set intentionally or result from other causes. Fires resulting from arson and electrical malfunctions cause the most dollar damage in non-residential structures.

The best protection systems are those that prevent fires to begin with or that can attack and suppress a fire in its early stages.

AMERICAN has a notable role in the fire protection industry. “Waterous Company”(Waterous Company):, an AMERICAN subsidiary founded in 1886, manufactured the first gasoline-engine pumpers in 1898. Waterous now supplies fire pumps and suppression equipment to fire departments around the world.

Waterous also manufactures AMERICAN’s Pacer and Trend fire hydrants. Another subsidiary, American Valve and Hydrant, manufactures AMERICAN’s B-84-B, B-62-B and Mark 73 fire hydrants.

AMERICAN industrial fire hydrants and valves are used in refineries, steel/coke plants, power generation plants, storage terminals, petrochemical plants, paper mills and petroleum docking facilities.

AMERICAN also provides valves and ductile iron pipe used in hundreds of municipal fire protection systems throughout the United States.

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